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Tamba Yaki Pieces are some of the Oldest and Fines Works of Ceramic Art in Japan

The term Tamba Yaki refers to ceramics made in the village of Tachikui, Hyogo. This area has been involved in the ceramics trade for over eight centuries. There are few places in Japan that have such a consistent art tradition. Tamba Yaki is one of the six ancient Japanese pottery styles, and is certainly […]

Seikado Collection Shows Off Classic Yohen and Yuteki Ceramics

Those who take a personal interest in yakimono pieces used for tea ceremonies should head on down to the Seikado Bunko Art Museum before March 24, 2013. The Yohen and Yuteki Sado Tea Ceremony Masterpieces collection is one of the most important exhibitions of tea ceremony vessels visible to members of the general public […]

Akiko Hirai Ceramics

Akiko Hirai Ceramics

Akiko Ceramics

« Things that are totally immaculate and things that are altogether softened give off an impression of being up two inverse conditions, yet two conditions are the same thought as a type of finish. There is no development in the aforementioned two conditions.

The waxing and the disappearing moon hold a desire […]

Kobori Enshū and Matsudaira Fumai:,The Aesthetics of Daimyō Tea Masters

Kobori Enshu et Matsudaira Fumai: The Aesthetics of Tea Masters Daimyo

December 2013

Kobori Enshū (1579–1647) and Matsudaira Fumai (1751–1818) were both Edo period daimyō tribe masters who were moreover eminent tea aces. Enshū served as tea counselor to the third Tokugawa shogun Iemitsu. He was mindful not just for the designation of […]

Photos of Japanese Ceramics


A list of photos of Japanese Ceramics:

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World Best Photos of Japanese Ceramics

World Best Photos of Japanese Ceramics […]

A Post on Japanese Ceramics History

History of Japanese Ceramics

first appearance in Japan is about 13 000 years. Pottery style Toryumon (applied with beans), which was updated in the cave Senpukuji (city of Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture), is the oldest existing pottery and is considered e as the starting point of Yakimonos Japanese culture, a culture […]

Beautiful Photos of Japanese Ceramics

Very beautiful picture of Japanese Ceramics, Yakimono

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