Born in Deruta in 1969 where he lives and works, already master of art in 1993, he obtained the diploma of sculptor of the Academy of Fine Arts “Pietro Vannucci” of Perugia under the direction of the master Eduardo Abbozzo. In 1992 he was a collaborator of the theater “La MaMa Umbria international” by Spoleto, directed by the American Ellen Stewart, while for a few years he was assistant to the sculptor Beverly Pepper. This experience enabled him to live for a long time in New York and to get in touch with the different and difficult artistic realities of the metropolis. Back in Italy, he collaborated with Bruno Ceccobelli; With other artists of Perugia, he founded the Cultural Association Iride.
In 1997, he became a member of CLS (Ceramica Libera Sperimentale Deruta), established by the will of some young artists of Deruta, but soon included a large group of artists from different parts of the world. The objective is to be able to achieve expressive language free from traditional norms, while recognizing their historical importance. In 1999, he created the Manifesto of  Spoleto summer festival in the field of artistic and cultural events of Spoleto promoted by the association MaMa Umbria International.
In 2001, he was the protagonist of the video Madre Terra, directed by Marco Agostinelli and produced by Maloch Rosso Productions of New York. In 2002, he took part in the fourth edition of Viaggiatori sulla Flaminia, at the GCAM in Spoleto.
With one of his works, he is represented in the Regional Museum of ceramics of Deruta, in the contemporary section. The installation “Angelo Blu” is present in the Museo de los Ángeles of Arte Contemporanea in Segovia, Spain, directed by Lucia Bosè. In 2005, he exhibited at the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo for the Homus Urbanus competition. In 2006, he won the prize for the Vento d’Avanguardia sculpture competition. In September 2008, he was invited to participate in the ceramic art group “Concretamente”, held at the Palazzo Venezia in Rome, and in October of the same year he exhibited in Paris
In the exhibition Contemporary Art, Dialogue & Europe.
In the same year, he exhibited for the AICC (Associazione Italiana Città della Ceramic) at the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, and participated in a group exhibition held in Paris at the Art Gallery Deburaux Aponem.
He took part in Gubbio at the exhibition “Omaggio ad Alan Caige Smith”, edited by Ettore Sannipoli at the Museo Civico della Città.
It is the 2010, the success of Evolution Art Revolution, UNESCO sponsored event of Paris (Selective Art) in Gdansk (Museo Nazionale).
From 4 December 2010 to 19 January 2011 was held at the Palazzo Morelli Fine Art in Todi, the artist’s exhibition entitled “Periferie Estreme”, organized by the American critic Alan Jones.
In June 2011, he was invited to exhibit in the Pavilion Umbria of the 54th Biennale dell’Arte di Venezia; Located at Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto and edited by Vittorio Sgarbi and Gianluca Martiens.
From 16 July to 21 August 2011, a new exhibition entitled “ICE Glaciazioni contemporanee” is housed in the Aragonese castle of Otranto, promoted by Sistema Museo in collaboration with the gallery Palazzo Morelli Fine Art.