The silent and white world of KANEYUKI Seigo is created by his original technique called “Hotaru Lign”, which he developped from the traditionnal Japanese tecnique “Hotarude” (transparent pattern). Its delicate light lines take us on the other site of the everyday life.

Kaneyuki Seigo was born in 1979 in Okayama, Japan.

2012 Grand prize, Tableware Festival (Tokyo)
2011 Grand prize, Sake of vessel Exhibition (Fukui)
2010 Excellent prize, Tableware Festival (Tokyo)
2009 Grand prize, Nagasaki Ceramics Exhibition (Nagasaki)
2008 Special Judge’s Award, Mashiko Ceramics Exhibition (Tochigi)

2012 Gallery Tourin Syunyo, Gifu, Japon
2011 Gallery Yoyo, Ibaragi, Japon