Luigi MILANI was born in 1957 in Frassinelle Polesine (Rovigo), in Italy.
He is an artisan in the  design industry and for the production of artworks for the finishing of houses, a profession which he executes with a meticulous precision. In 1990, his career takes a turn which leads him to spend more time on his artistic passion, he first paints portraits of women inspired by Pop-Art. In 2002, he meets an art critic, who makes him realize his qualities, to the point that he devoted himslef entirely to painting from that moment.

Since 2008, he lays the emphasis on informal by using bicycle tires to create a kind of lacework that looks like a persian tapestry. He is among the finalists for the “Art” Prize in 2002 for the portrait of a woman.

In 2004 he attends the “Voile d’Artgent”, where he won the first Prize with his artwork entitled “Marina di Ravenna” (portrait of a young girl sitting on a towel at the beach, and dedicated to Alighiero Boetti).

In 2008, he attends once again the “Art” Prize with the painting entitled “The Bicycle Thief”. He is then again selected to be part of the finalists.

Nowadays we can consider that Luigi Milani is an artist of the modern art movement “Poor Art” (Arte Povera).