The works entitled “Shell” and “Hatching” of Shinya Tanoue are achievements in earth that are amplified from the inside. The plasticity of the earth strongly attracts Shinya Tanoue, a sculptor specialized in ceramics.

“The earth offers me great freedom to create forms. Once hardened, I can sculpt like stone or wood, and when it’s soft, it can be molded … ”

In nature, the shell, formed by several layers of sediment, protects the life that lives inside it. The shell is an indispensable element for the activity of life, until hatching: birth.

“Human beings don’t born in a shell. However, I feel that each of us has a shell that protects its own interior. The shell is also something that we break to discover the outside world and to advance in life. ”

Marked by incisive lines and the blue color of the sea, the universe of Shinya TANOUE evokes to us the force and the explosion of life. We are transported to a unique experience: the world of premonitions and the memory of life.


The museum of Kyoto

The Museum of Ceramic Art

Hyogo INAX Museum

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN


2007: Japan Ceramic Exhibition, Daimaru museum Tokyo, Incentive Award Asahi Ceramic Exhibition, Award for Excellence

2005: International Ceramic exhibition, Ceramic Park MINO, Jury’s Special Award

2003: Hyoto Saga University of Arts Thesis Exhibition, Incentive Award

2002: Craft competition, hosted by Tachikichi, Incentive Award