Yuko Exhibition

When the elevator door opened, “Tour butterbur” big hand.

Calyx of the flower that was waving in the heat of the oven, a large number of buds are formed in the petals one by one, as the Protea.

I approached the force of life that are overwhelming!

The floral flowers and trees of the field, which lies in the familiar landscape of Manazuru, there is a force that seems to be drawn series … and looking at the flower that has been meticulously photographed and alive.

But made from the experience of being in the village of Mali and Burkina Faso (West Africa) “Kasena colonies” that faithfully reproduces the appearance of impressive houses .

It works great and massive scale, including attic workshop, roof and furnace, there is a special significance in both the pattern drawn on the wall, the design of new buil , ings which is no longer considered the history Yes, there is also an important value.

Also be placed on a well balanced poultry Guinea, which was released in the courtyard, I ♪ There’s a fun space to imagine life re ; she

In addition, the porcelain work of Dr. Yuko, a statement of the series Aya flowers, elegant shallow bowl Sheng type spread liberally, and paint colors of roses pressed Soft earth are in harmony.

I am part of your deck is the perfect Christmas atmosphere!

Some lovely spiral theme in early spring, and spring Fukinoto, Kogomi Urajiro and individuality is expressed in the form of a slightly different color.

This time, the work of camellia soft feeling a little weight, was introduced to the tea party is the challenge of building a cup, and collecting. (Kk)