The Kosai Line of Yakimono Art Continues Today

Miyagawa Kosai is a name that is synonymous with Kyo-yaki to many people. There’s no name that’s shaped the art more according to some scholars. Rather than debate whether or not this is true, it’s better to look at the facts and allow individual people to appreciate art within its appropriate historical context.

The oldest […]

Tanoue Shinya Makes Pieces Inspired by Shell Shapes

Tanoue Shinya always stresses that one of the important themes for his pieces is the concept of the shell. Shells and husks of fruit, seashells and eggshells are all commonly parts of his inspiration. These shells all represent the circles of life to the artist, since the shell is connected with those things that […]

Close Look at Fukumoto Fuku’s Yakimono Work

Fukumoto Fuku was featured in many places before the Mizen Gallery of Art featured her pieces in person. At one point they had a feature written up on her in Ceramics: Art and Perception, which is an honor in its own right.

Ms. Fukumoto remarked that the use of both exterior white glaze and interior […]

Fukumoto Fuku Brings her Ice Flower Yakimono Pieces to Paris

Ice Flower is the name that’s been given to the current exhibition of the ceramic art pieces made by the famous Fukumoto Fuku. Her art is, of course, being placed on display at the Gallery Mizen in Paris.

Each of her pieces genuinely does have some features that art observers would often associate with flowers. […]

Shozo Michikawa Brings His Terracotta Sculptures to France

Shozo Michikawa started his French tour at the Mizen Gallery of Fine Art on October 17. His terracotta sculptures have certainly started to enjoy some popularity with the artwise public for sure.

Collectors as well as connoisseurs are both invited to view these unique pieces made from a certain type of earthenware clay that has […]

Michikawa Shozo’s Work goes on Display

Those who regularly follow art headlines have probably seen now that Michikawa Shozo had been attending an ArtCeram exhibition in April. While this is certainly big news for those who are familiar with Michikawa’s work, those who might not be as familiar with it may not realize just why this is so important. Regardless, […]

SOFA Chicago Gallery Features some Interesting Modern Ceramic Pieces

The Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design or SOFA gallery is presented by the Masterworks of Contemporary and Modern Art and Design. SOFA Chicago will be celebrating 20 years in October. The Chicago art exhibition will run from October 31 until November 3, 2013 out on Navy Pier. The organization always attracts a good […]

Tokkuri Sake Flasks are Part of a Unique Yakimono Culture

The term tokkuri refers to the server that comes with a sake set. More often than not a tokkuri has a bulbous body that forms a tapered narrow neck as one’s eye moves up from the center of the object. Nevertheless, they come in a variety of different shapes.

Heated sake is generally warmed by […]

Namikawa and Kyoto Yakimono Vessels Fetch Large Prices at Christie’s

The Namikawa Workshop is renowned for its unique pieces, and that might be why a certain yakimono vessel went for so much when it was auctioned at Christie’s in May 2013. A certain Namikawa cloisonne vase with its cover was estimated to sell for somewhere around £1,000 – £1,200. Nevertheless, when all was said […]

Christie’s Cloisonne Yakimono Pieces were stars of the Japanese Aesthetic Showing

Christie’s auction of products related to what they termed the Japanese Aesthetic picked up a great deal of attention in the world of fine art. What really sets these pieces apart from most other yakimono designs that collectors of Japanese art would come across is their prominent use of cloisonne techniques. Cloisonne refers to […]