The Rather Rich History of Multihued Oribe Yakimono Ware

The name of Oribe Yaki is rather unique. It’s actually named after a single individual. Furuta Shigenari (1544-1615) was a warrior who once served Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Oda Nobunaga. He became the foremost tea master when his teacher Sen no Rikyu perished.

Furuta taught the ceremony to the shogun Tokugawa Hidetada and gained the honorific […]

Cherry Blossom Motifs Have Long Dominated Japanese Art

As one might imagine due to their importance as a national symbol, cherry blossoms feature quite prominently in Japanese art. When Utagawa Hiroshige painted the Fuji Sanju-Rokkei in the 1850s, he was working with material that Katsushika Hokusai had already touched previously. His versions of the scenes perhaps made cherry blossoms that much more […]

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival Blooms Strong in Washington D.C.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is always a popular event, and its just starting to pick up momentum in the Washington D.C. area. The festival celebrates the March 27, 1912 gift of 3,020 from Mayor Ozaki Yukio to the city of Washington D.C. It was designed to highlight the growing relationship between the United […]

Profound Symbolism can be Found in Cherry Blossom Trees

One of the more enduring images of Japan are the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom every spring. They’ve become so popular that news broadcasts in Japan even feature maps that show when the blooming season will occur. These maps depict blooming blossoms as though they were a moving weather front. While they might wreak […]

Japanese Place in NY

This Japanese Restaurant in New York place sounds very nice

Wagashi Exhibit

Exhibition of Japanese Wagashi

Japanese Event

World of Japanese Wagashi

“The world of wagashi is vast”

said Kazuo Aoyama, the third-generation owner of Kikuzuki, a sweet shop operating in Yanaka for nearly 90 years. Aoyama, 87, has made wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionary sweets, for 70 years. At Kikuzuki, run now by his two sons, every step in making his exquisite wagashi—even soaking, boiling, and mashing […]

Design Japonais

Some words on Japanese Design

Japanese Design/a>

After the war, the development of graphic design in packaging, posters and magazines, is clearly inspired by Japanese traditions. In the 19th century, thanks to the prints that Japanese culture had become known in Europe. This export continued after 1945, even if, as in architecture and industrial design, graphic […]

Beautiful Photos of Japanese Ceramics

Very beautiful picture of Japanese Ceramics, Yakimono

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