17 oct – 7 novembre 2015

Exhibition Earth Scuplture

Japanese Sculptures, Ceramics by Shozo Michikawa

One can enjoy ceramics in different ways, besides the beauty of form, one can understand the texture, the quality of the enamel, balance, color and refinement that make his grace. When looking at the works of Shozo Michikawa, we appreciate the intrinsic elements as well as the exterior appearance. Many of his works have vertical or horizontal twists. These twists are an essential part of his work, which add an energy and natural movement to his works because his creations are inspired by natural phenomena. That may be because he was born at the foot of a large Japanese volcano.

The work of Shozo Michikawa emanates from both Japanese traditions and contemporary design by the way he sculpts and deforms the material. His creations, the sculptural forms were born of a technique invented by the artist himself, which relies on centrifugal force and topology, ie the study of spatial transformations. It is for this reason that the works of Shozo Michikawa, can be appreciated by using all our senses… Mizen gallery is pleased to present you the unique world of this exceptional artist.

Exhibition opening with the presence of the Artist: Saturday, October 17th, 14h-18h

MIZEN Gallery 
29 Rue de L’Exposition, 75007 Paris
Openings: Tuesday to Saturday from 13h to 18h.

Conference at Japan Foundation Paris (registration required) Saturday, October 24 at 15h

Japan Foundation in Paris
101 Quai de Branly 75015 Paris

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