From 3 – 8 May 2017


International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial

MIZEN Fine Art on the STAND I 02 at the Grand Palais

A dignified materials and elegant eclecticism are the key to enter the world of MIZEN Fine Art, which has two addresses in the « rive-gauche » in Paris.

The galleries are led by a complementary duo, an Italian Mario RIZZARDO specialized in the art of the Italian Renaissance and a Japanese Mika OBATA, former interior architect, converted into gallerist who have decided to open their univesrs to the international art scene.

Conciliating their love for traditional craftsmanship, ancient art and passion for contemporary art, the two galleries of the MIZEN Fine Art group exhibit original works and unique pieces. They alternate between permanent and temporary exhibitions, organizing events in collaboration with various international cultural institutions and many of the most prestigious museums.

For Revelations 2017, their choice is between dynamism and refinement. Nine artists will appear on the I 02 stand at the Grand Palais.

Black flower made in Japanese lacquer by the artist ONISHI Nagatoshi captivates us by its depth of a black so mysterious while it let appear the subtlety and all the delicacy of the work of Japanese lacquer, thanks to the perfect mastery of artist’s techinique.

Geisne ARPS, a German painter, in the using of the gold leaf, is inspired by the great Italian Renaissance masters who use the technique of the Fondo oro.

SHIGEMATSU Ayumi’s Mobious Holes takes us delicately into a trap towards a place where she searches for the form where the boundary between the inside and the outside remains tenuous or even imperceptible.

HARADA Tetsuo concentrates his work on marble which, for him, represents his desire to create a dialogue between people, countries and continents.

Junko YAMAMOTO works on Life which is beautiful as it is limited. Rhythmical and instantaneous loneliness, emotions become one form in her mind.

ONIMARU Hekizan’s art, thanks to his work with fire, unique effects appear on the pieces, producing statues of deep and touching beauty due to the authentic wood-oven ceramic processes. All the materials used in his creations come from an environment close to him, from southern Japan.

In the calligraphy art of YOSHIMOTO Shofu, there is a coexistence of feminine delicacy and audacity. Her works are created in accordance with the traditional manufacturing techniques inherited from his ancestors and enhanced by a contemporary touch. It combines marvelously the expressive power of words and the visual impact of painting. The works can be appreciated in different ways, abandoning themselves to the smooth flow of the line traced by the brush or marveling at the sober majesty of the ink.

We do not forget the creations of Kentaro KAWABATA, young Japanese ceramist who metamorphoses glass and porcelain. Hand- made, encrusting small pieces of glass in the clay, his works are unique, lively and contain a share of secret and mystery that will attract the viewer.

The MIZEN FIne Art’s stand shows a group of the most eclectic artists who know how to transcend time through art.

Salon REVELATIONS  Stand I 02 From 3 to 8 May at the Grand Palais   : 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris