Namikawa and Kyoto Yakimono Vessels Fetch Large Prices at Christie’s

The Namikawa Workshop is renowned for its unique pieces, and that might be why a certain yakimono vessel went for so much when it was auctioned at Christie’s in May 2013. A certain Namikawa cloisonne vase with its cover was estimated to sell for somewhere around £1,000 – £1,200. Nevertheless, when all was said […]

Christie’s Cloisonne Yakimono Pieces were stars of the Japanese Aesthetic Showing

Christie’s auction of products related to what they termed the Japanese Aesthetic picked up a great deal of attention in the world of fine art. What really sets these pieces apart from most other yakimono designs that collectors of Japanese art would come across is their prominent use of cloisonne techniques. Cloisonne refers to […]

Sotheby’s is Starting to Really Attract Imari Yakimono Collectors

Those following Sotheby’s myriad art auctions might have noticed when a certain imari yakimono vase was sold in September 2012. The piece was from the early 18th century, and sold for £3,250 when you factor in the buyer’s premium. Collectors noticed several interesting details about this particular item.

The domed cover is certainly exquisite. Astute […]

Recent Sotheby’s Ceramics Auctions bring out the Late Brooke Astor’s Yakimono Pieces

One of the most impressive recent auctions of Japanese ceramic yakimono art occurred in September 2012. The New York branch of Sotheby’s hosted a huge auction catalog that sold much of Brooke Astor’s estate. The socialite was quite an art collector, and she’s famous for her interest in paintings of dogs.

That might make one […]