Okinawa’s History Shaped Individual Ceramic Art Pieces

Anyone who might have taken a particularly strong interest in the recent exhibition of the pottery of Okinawa at the Mizen Art Gallery is encouraged to send e-mail to us. They can receive the full catalog of pieces in that way. For now, though, it may be fruitful to examine a few pieces from […]

Putting together Inauemon Pieces

Those who have been following the Paris Yakimono Gallery for some time now have noticed the recent emphasis on Tamba pieces. There are the Noborigama and Anagama exhibitions, and the entire Inauemon Tamba Yaki exhibition runs through May 18.

This is giving people an incredible opportunity to see tamba in a way that they haven’t […]

Michikawa Shozo’s Work goes on Display

Those who regularly follow art headlines have probably seen now that Michikawa Shozo had been attending an ArtCeram exhibition in April. While this is certainly big news for those who are familiar with Michikawa’s work, those who might not be as familiar with it may not realize just why this is so important. Regardless, […]

Takatori Yaki has a History that Stretches far Back

Onimaru Hekizan is a prominent takatori yaki artist that deserves a great deal of attention these days. Takatori yaki tea sets by Onimaru Hekizan are part of the collections of Zen Buddhist temples in Japan. For instance, the Silver Ginkaku-ji and Daitoku-ji temples in Kyoto hold pieces from Onimaru-sensei’s work in their collections.

Therefore, the […]

Showing Off Great Masters of Ceramic Art at Two Different Locations

Those who appreciate permanent displays should have a look at the Works of Living National Treasures and Great Masters exhibit at the Crafts Gallery at the National Museum of Modern Art. The exhibit itself is small, but it’s not going away any time soon. It’s part of a program that presents the work of […]

Ikebana International Spreads Traditional Japanese Culture in New York City

Ikebana International has 165 chapters of their wonderful organization in sixty different countries around the world. They’ve been in existence since 1956, and were initially founded in Japan. Their branch in New York holds a full exhibition once a year in the metropolitan area. Amazingly it opened only one year after the original branch […]

SOFA Chicago Gallery Features some Interesting Modern Ceramic Pieces

The Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design or SOFA gallery is presented by the Masterworks of Contemporary and Modern Art and Design. SOFA Chicago will be celebrating 20 years in October. The Chicago art exhibition will run from October 31 until November 3, 2013 out on Navy Pier. The organization always attracts a good […]

Macro Crystallization Part II: Advances in Cements Made Better Ceramics

Artists with a hardcore interest in chemistry have picked apart the macro crystallization process, and come up with a number of various chemical formula designed to help artists produce the best pieces possible. That being said, most of these studies took place outside of Japan. That means that they weren’t nearly as focused on […]

Macro Crystallization Continues to Change Ceramic Art in the 21st Century

Macro crystallization in ceramic art is an interesting topic. It’s a field of study that many artists are still engaged in to this day. While glazing chemistries might be stable there is still a great deal we don’t know about crystalline patterns.

For a long time, it was believed that an oxidation atmosphere was necessary […]

Ameyu Glazing Techniques Took Time but Gave us Visual Candy

Ameyu glazing techniques produce a really interesting sheen, but it takes quite a while for a yakimono ceramics artist to master the style. Its not something that one can learn in a single day. Considering the deep colors that come from ameyu processes the long training process can certainly be worth it.

As with anything, […]