The Kosai Line of Yakimono Art Continues Today

Miyagawa Kosai is a name that is synonymous with Kyo-yaki to many people. There’s no name that’s shaped the art more according to some scholars. Rather than debate whether or not this is true, it’s better to look at the facts and allow individual people to appreciate art within its appropriate historical context.

The oldest […]

Influences of the Mingei Movement in the Field of Ceramics

Once again, the Mingei movement was extremely influential in so many fields as well as in ceramic. Yanagi Souetsu was a philosopher who stressed the value of traditional Japanese crafts quite a bit. Hamada Shoji and Kanjirou Kawai followed along, become the other two amongst the first three masters of this elegantly simple style.

Naturally […]

The Contrasts of Potters in Okinawa

More than anything, the pottery of Okinawa has been distinguished by the high contrast of bright colors as well as its unique indigenous style. It certainly incorporates outside ideas, but stands quite separate from others. What makes the collection at the Mizen Art Gallery so interesting, though, is that it actually is available for […]

Mizen Art Gallery Introduces Okinawa Ceramics Collection

Between Thursday April 28 and straight on through May 12, the Mizen Art Gallery will have the honor of introducing a seldom viewed collection of ceramic pieces from Okinawa. It isn’t often that these pieces are put on display outside of the Japanese prefecture by any means. This should therefore be looked at as […]

Takatori Yaki has a History that Stretches far Back

Onimaru Hekizan is a prominent takatori yaki artist that deserves a great deal of attention these days. Takatori yaki tea sets by Onimaru Hekizan are part of the collections of Zen Buddhist temples in Japan. For instance, the Silver Ginkaku-ji and Daitoku-ji temples in Kyoto hold pieces from Onimaru-sensei’s work in their collections.

Therefore, the […]

Yakimono Paris Tokyo Gallery Hosts Kintsugi Exposition

The Gallery Yakimono Paris Tokyo is hosting a show on an art that is still quite yet unknown in France. Kintsugi, which literally translates to golden joint, is an art that focuses on the repair of existing ceramics. The name references the fact that it involves a lacquer technique that features the actual use […]

The Unique Prestige of a Joint Italian and Japanese Nihonga Art Exhibition

The National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Japanese Cultural Institute in Rome. To do so they put together an incredible exhibition of 170 nihonga paintings and other decorative art pieces. The event also celebrated the 400th anniversary of the founding of the […]

Beautiful Woodblock Prints and Ceramic Masterpieces Travel to the Nezu Museum

The Ceramics and Ukiyo-e Masterpieces from the Hagi Uragami Museum exhibition at the Nezu Museum in Tokyo ran from June 1-July 15, 2013. The exhibit was extremely unique since it was the first time that the Nezu Museum showcased traditional Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Some of the prints, like Mount Fuji at Dawn by Katsushika […]

The Humble Chawan Might be the Single Most Popular Yakimono Collectible

Most people with an interest in collecting Japanese ceramics have come across chawan tea bowls. For that matter, anyone with a passing interest in traditional Japanese life has probably come into contact with these humble but useful pieces of yakimono history. They’re really quite ubiquitous.

A chawan is a bowl that’s used for the preparation […]

Tokkuri Sake Flasks are Part of a Unique Yakimono Culture

The term tokkuri refers to the server that comes with a sake set. More often than not a tokkuri has a bulbous body that forms a tapered narrow neck as one’s eye moves up from the center of the object. Nevertheless, they come in a variety of different shapes.

Heated sake is generally warmed by […]