Rare Events Going on at the Festival Arethe

As we had the opportunity to mention before, ARETHE is a festival that provides the rare chance to enjoy contemporary art by way of the classic tea ceremony. This isn’t something that happens every day, because many people perform the tea ritual in a certain specific fashion. This is a more avant-garde style that presents […]

Generations of the Kosai Name in the Ceramics Field

The Miyagawa Kosai story is quite long and complex, since there have been so many quality members of the family as well as top-class students from the line. Scholars sometimes debate which members of the family are the superior artists. This kind of debate is fruitless, since each has their own style and therefore […]

Tomoyuki Hoshino Shows Off Anxious Contemporary Ceramics

Tomoyuki Hoshino is no stranger to art exhibitions, but the new show that runs from January 28 until February 11, 2016 at the Mizen Fine Art gallery is something new in its own right. The artist has chosen “Anxious” as the theme for the exhibition, which is an interesting choice considering the fact that […]

Reopening the Musée Rodin

One of the biggest pieces of news in the art world right now is the fact that the Musée Rodin just reopened on November 12. The museum, dedicated to Auguste Rodin and his famous bronze pieces, was in bad shape and required major restoration work. This isn’t the first time that it had some […]

Kurimoto Natsuki-sensei is a Unique Lacquer Artist in His Own Right

Kurimoto Natsuki is an urushi lacquer artist who was born in 1961. He graduated in 1985 from the Kyoto University of Fine Arts. By 1987 that organization had granted him a master’s degree.

He had a solo exhibition of lacquer work three years before that in Kyoto, which was held at the prestigious Suzuki Gallery. […]

Yakimono Paris Tokyo Gallery Hosts Kintsugi Exposition

The Gallery Yakimono Paris Tokyo is hosting a show on an art that is still quite yet unknown in France. Kintsugi, which literally translates to golden joint, is an art that focuses on the repair of existing ceramics. The name references the fact that it involves a lacquer technique that features the actual use […]

Simulation and Form – The Photography and Experiments of Shozo Kitadai

“Simulation and Form – The Photography and Experiments of Shozo Kitadai”

at Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki (Setagaya, Kawasaki area) (2013-10-19 – 2014-01-13) Shozo Kitadai was a core member of the pioneering inter-media group of the 1950’s “Jikken Kobo”, and as part…

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Kabuto – The Avant Garde of a Warring Country

“Kabuto – The Avant Garde of a Warring Country”
at Sano Art Museum (Greater Tokyo area)
(2014-01-07 – 2014-02-11)

In the era of civil war when Nobunaga Oda, and Hodeyoshi Toyotomi after him attempted to unite the country, warriors lived by their wits, with the overthrowing of their superiors being more than a dream.

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Okura Collection III – The Story of Arts and Craft

“Okura Collection III – The Story of Arts and Craft –

Skill and Aesthetic” at Okura Shukokan Museum of Fine Arts (Roppongi, Nogizaka area) (2014-01-02 – 2014-03-30) The Okura Shukokan Museum of Fine Arts places a spotlight on a select range of the craft works in its collection, paying attention …

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Kazumi Kurigami Portrait

Kazumi Kurigami “Portrait” at Gallery 916

(Odaiba, Kachidoki area) (2013-11-01 – 2013-12-28)

This exhibition will present around 50 photographs specially selected by photographer and Gallery 916 curator, Yoshihiko Ueda from among the portraits Kurigami has produced since 1965, when he first set out on his independent …

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