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Recent Sotheby’s Ceramics Auctions bring out the Late Brooke Astor’s Yakimono Pieces

One of the most impressive recent auctions of Japanese ceramic yakimono art occurred in September 2012. The New York branch of Sotheby’s hosted a huge auction catalog that sold much of Brooke Astor’s estate. The socialite was quite an art collector, and she’s famous for her interest in paintings of dogs.

That might make one […]

Seto Ware Took a Journey When it Wasn’t Safe to be a Potter

As the name might suggest Seto yakimono ware originally came from the village of Seto. One of the Six Ancient Kilns was located in Seto. Since it was such an important part of ceramics history, the village actually lends its name to the generic Japanese word for pottery.

Numerous Japanese speakers use the term setomono […]

The Rather Rich History of Multihued Oribe Yakimono Ware

The name of Oribe Yaki is rather unique. It’s actually named after a single individual. Furuta Shigenari (1544-1615) was a warrior who once served Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Oda Nobunaga. He became the foremost tea master when his teacher Sen no Rikyu perished.

Furuta taught the ceremony to the shogun Tokugawa Hidetada and gained the honorific […]

Tamba Yaki Pieces are some of the Oldest and Fines Works of Ceramic Art in Japan

The term Tamba Yaki refers to ceramics made in the village of Tachikui, Hyogo. This area has been involved in the ceramics trade for over eight centuries. There are few places in Japan that have such a consistent art tradition. Tamba Yaki is one of the six ancient Japanese pottery styles, and is certainly […]