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Influences from the Work of Naoki Maeda

Due to the fact that the Yakimono Gallery is putting several of his pieces on display, Naoki Maeda is quickly becoming something of a household name in some circles. As a result, people are starting to recognize him as a sort of leader as far as modern urushi lacquer work is considered. This is […]

Yakimono Gallery Hosts More Contemporary Urushi Pieces with Igawa Takeshi’s Work

Starting on March 22 the Yakimono Gallery will be hosting several notable contemporary Urushi artists. Considering the constant mention of Kurimoto Natsuki that individual perhaps needs no introduction.

Of course, interesting people like Naoki Maeda are already connected with the organization in the popular imagination. Igawa Takeshi is another top individual working with he organization. […]

Different Modern Urushi Artists Still Draw from Similar Themes

Some of the most interesting urushi artists are those who are quite radical. Kurimoto Natsuki is an excellent example. He graduated from the Kyoto University of Fine Arts in 1985 and finished a master’s program at the same school two years later. A solo exhibition of his urushi lacquer work was shown off at […]

Yakimono Gallery Hosts Naoki Maeda’s Urushi and Ceramic Blend

Members of the Yakimono Paris Tokyo Gallery have again decided to host a major player in the field of Japanese art. Naoki Maeda is a unique artist that combines aspects of both urushi art with traditional Japanese yakimono art. Generally these two fields are considered somewhat separate, but Maeda-sensei is an unconventional artist to […]

Yakimono Paris Tokyo Gallery Hosts Kintsugi Exposition

The Gallery Yakimono Paris Tokyo is hosting a show on an art that is still quite yet unknown in France. Kintsugi, which literally translates to golden joint, is an art that focuses on the repair of existing ceramics. The name references the fact that it involves a lacquer technique that features the actual use […]

Folk-Craft Museum is Using Soetsu Yanagi’s Real Tea Yakimono Pieces

Way back in 1955 the Japan Folk-Craft Museum held its first tea ceremony. The organizer should be no stranger to fans of the traditional art crafts. It was none other than Soetsu Yanagi, who selected some very unique tea pots for the event. He also selected unique utensils to be used alongside the pots […]

Mari Tsuchiya’s Ceramic Pieces go on Public Display

From January 21 until January 26, fans of ceramic art will be able to see the Glitter exhibition at the Tambourin Gallery in Shibuya-ku. While the name might bring to mind images of Hollywood glitz and glamor, the Glitter exhibition is actually a great deal more down to earth than this. Mari Tsuchiya is […]

Simulation and Form – The Photography and Experiments of Shozo Kitadai

“Simulation and Form – The Photography and Experiments of Shozo Kitadai”

at Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki (Setagaya, Kawasaki area) (2013-10-19 – 2014-01-13) Shozo Kitadai was a core member of the pioneering inter-media group of the 1950’s “Jikken Kobo”, and as part…

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Kabuto – The Avant Garde of a Warring Country

“Kabuto – The Avant Garde of a Warring Country”
at Sano Art Museum (Greater Tokyo area)
(2014-01-07 – 2014-02-11)

In the era of civil war when Nobunaga Oda, and Hodeyoshi Toyotomi after him attempted to unite the country, warriors lived by their wits, with the overthrowing of their superiors being more than a dream.

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Raku Tea Bowls Take Center Stage at Mitsui

Until January 25, art appreciators will be able to see the Raku tea bowls exhibition at the Mitsui Memorial Museum. The exhibition is a major yakimono ceramics show that features some select instruments from the classical tea ceremony. As the name suggests, a special exhibition of Raku tea bowls is taking center stage.

Both red […]