365 ceramic objects by Guillaume Bardet

L’usage des jours. 365 ceramic objects by Guillaume Bardet

Throughout the period from September 21, 2009, until September 20, 2010, the French creator Guillaume Bardet drew one protest a day. As an expansion of this «artistic and human performance», from fall 2010 he saw to the production of every article. He did so in team […]

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New Blue and White / Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

New Blue and White, Boston Art Museum

New Blue and White / Museum of Fine Arts

New Blue and White at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, showcases imaginative works in blue and white by 40 worldwide specialists and originators.

Contemporary model, ceramics, vogue, glass, furniture, and more offer another contort to age-old symbolism

Over the […]

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Exhibition Charlotte Perriand and Japan at the Museum of Modern Art in Saint-Etienne

From 23 February to 26 May 2013, the Museum of Modern Art in Saint-Etienne Métropole Exhibition welcomes Charlotte Perriand and Japan. Exposure Charlotte Perriand and Japan highlights the interaction between the French designer first woman and the country of the rising sun.

Exhibition Charlotte Perriand and Japan is dedicated to the first woman recognized designer […]

Cernuschi Museum Paris

New Pieces of Japanese Ceramics bought by Cernuschi Museum:

Yoshimi Futamura (née en 1959)
Sans titre
Grès chamotté
Paris, 2012
Don de l’artiste


Eiko Kishi (née en 1948)
Sans titre
Grès chamotté
Japon, Kyôto, 2009
Don galerie Clara Scremini,


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Japanese Traditionnal Art Craft


Urushi (lacquer) art is unique in Japan, China, Korea and the countries of South Asia, each country retaining to this day its own traditions. Japanese urushi art is particularly rich in terms of variety and sophistication of the technique.

In addition to the highly developed skills that Japanese craftsmen have used to elevate […]

Exposition Reves du Japon – Hiroshige Van Gogh

Hiroshige VAN GOGH

03 October 2012 to 17 March 2013

Japan Dreams

two exhibitions simultaneously on two sites in the Pinakothek, allow visitors to compare the work of Van Gogh to that of Hiroshige .

Everything has been said about the psychological fragility of Van Gogh on his […]

Exposition FUJISAN – Sept images du mont Fuji

FUJISAN – Sept images du mont Fuji

Du mardi 22 janvier au samedi 2 février


Le mont Fuji, symbole du Japon, est depuis toujours un thème de prédilection dans l’art japonais. En Europe, ce sont sans doute Les trente-six vues du mont Fuji, série d’estampes de Hokusai, qui sont les plus célèbres. Cette exposition réunit sept […]

Beautiful Photos of Japanese Ceramics

Very beautiful picture of Japanese Ceramics, Yakimono

Photo Gallery