Tanoue Shinya Brings Ceramics to the Mizen Art Gallery

Tanoue Shinya is the latest ceramics artist to receive a healthy promotion on behalf of the Mizen Art Gallery, and an exhibition of his work will start with a bang. There is an opening reception on May 26. Until then, though, it might be useful to take a look at some of the things […]

Influences of the Mingei Movement in the Field of Ceramics

Once again, the Mingei movement was extremely influential in so many fields as well as in ceramic. Yanagi Souetsu was a philosopher who stressed the value of traditional Japanese crafts quite a bit. Hamada Shoji and Kanjirou Kawai followed along, become the other two amongst the first three masters of this elegantly simple style.

Naturally […]

Life and the Universe of Yamamoto Junko

Yamamoto Junko creates pieces that all have to do with life in some way. André Malraux, who is quite famous in some circles for his experimental French fiction, used to say something like “Life is worthless, but nothing beats life.” While life is incredibly important, few people would actually be able to define it.

The […]

Moriyama Kanjiro is a Master when it Comes to Cutting and Shaping

Moriyama Kanjiro is a unique Japanese artist who creates asymmetrical works that are incredibly modern. Like many postmodern Japanese artists, however, his works are still grounded in tradition and that makes him particularly well loved among a wide variety of different groups.

Essentially he sculpts material by taking a perfect sphere and then cutting into […]

Ikebana Art Part I: The Beauty of Simple Floral Patterns

Ikebana art consists of truly beautiful formalized Japanese flower arranging, and many of these arrangements find themselves in equally lovely yakimono ceramics. While the term initially applied only to formalized flower arranging, ikebana art later encompassed all the different types of Japanese floral art. Several major schools are around in the modern era, but […]

MOA Museum of Art Sparks Interest in the Six Old Kilns

Since it turned 30, the MOA Museum of Art decided to celebrate with an exhibition of traditional Japanese pottery late last year. The event ran until December 24, and attracted countless patrons who wanted to see real artifacts from the six oldest pottery centers in the country. Ceramics have long been celebrated in Echizen, […]

Beautiful Image of Japan

Beautiful image of snow in Japan :

Japanese women wearing Kimono under the snow

Kobori Enshū and Matsudaira Fumai:,The Aesthetics of Daimyō Tea Masters

Kobori Enshu et Matsudaira Fumai: The Aesthetics of Tea Masters Daimyo

December 2013

Kobori Enshū (1579–1647) and Matsudaira Fumai (1751–1818) were both Edo period daimyō tribe masters who were moreover eminent tea aces. Enshū served as tea counselor to the third Tokugawa shogun Iemitsu. He was mindful not just for the designation of […]

Le monde merveilleux de Rinpa

Le monde merveilleux de Rinpa

At this time, in New York City, there are two superb shows happening which keep tabs on the universe of Rinpa symbolization. Rinpa is something of a mysterious aesthetic development. Rinpa wasn’t a universal “school” of craft (with experts educating understudies) yet one in which there was a straight line […]

Japanese Traditionnal Art Craft


Urushi (lacquer) art is unique in Japan, China, Korea and the countries of South Asia, each country retaining to this day its own traditions. Japanese urushi art is particularly rich in terms of variety and sophistication of the technique.

In addition to the highly developed skills that Japanese craftsmen have used to elevate […]