Covering the Coats and Decorations of Urushi Work

Frequent readers of this column might very well be wishing they could learn a little more about what goes into urushi work considering the recent emphasis on the combination of urushi and yakimono in various pieces. Urushi lacquer work has been used since the Jomon period, and some people might also be familiar with […]

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Different Modern Urushi Artists Still Draw from Similar Themes

Some of the most interesting urushi artists are those who are quite radical. Kurimoto Natsuki is an excellent example. He graduated from the Kyoto University of Fine Arts in 1985 and finished a master’s program at the same school two years later. A solo exhibition of his urushi lacquer work was shown off at […]

Urushi of Japan Exhibition Makes Art Critics Rediscover Japanese Lacquer Work

Yanagi Muneyoshi founded the Mingei folk art movement, but luxurious Japanese urushi pieces have been popular for centuries. Mingei artists used red, black and various types of colored lacquer patterns to spruce up traditional folk crafts. The Japan Folk-Craft Museum is putting on an exhibition of about 100 different pieces.

The pieces include mother-of-pearl sets, […]

Beautiful Photos of Japanese Ceramics

Very beautiful picture of Japanese Ceramics, Yakimono

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