As we had the opportunity to mention before, ARETHE is a festival that provides the rare chance to enjoy contemporary art by way of the classic tea ceremony. This isn’t something that happens every day, because many people perform the tea ritual in a certain specific fashion. This is a more avant-garde style that presents an artistic side of the tea ceremony.

What the Festival ARETHE aims to do is allow the public to either rediscover the tea ceremony or discover this ritual for the first time. The original chanoyu ritual dates from centuries in Japan. We aim to provide the public with the same sort of serenity that a Japanese preparation of the chanoyu ritual would have provided between September 1 and October 31.

The tea ceremony promises a rare glimpse into modern elegant serenity.

It may be useful to look at the various events that will be organized throughout this festival in Paris, which many feel is the capital city of all forms of art.

On the first of the month will be a cocktail party inaugurating the festival, which will take place in the Paris City Hall. This is an opportunity to meet all of the individuals involved with the event in a peaceful setting

From the time after the cocktail reception until the 14th an exhibition will be held in the Paris City Hall at Rue de Grenelle, along with a tea ceremony by Master Gilles Maucout at the same hall on the 14th. This ceremony will take place over a period of three separate sessions, which should give everyone ample opportunity to enjoy a ceremony like this one.

A single Suto chawan

No tea ceremony could ever be held without a chawan. This one is from SUTO Satoshi.

On the 15th Pierre Sernet, who should pack some surprises, will hold the Guerrilla Tea ceremony. The actual time and location of the event is being kept secret. That should make it exceptionally exciting for sure. Between the 16th and the 31st, ARETHE exhibition will take place right here in the Mizen Japanese Art Gallery.

A few other events should be held as well, including an Omotesenké Tea ceremony at Maison de laculture du Japon à Paris on October 8th, Urasenke Sumidemae exhibition on October 15th by Takamatsu Soumi. Each of these individual events should be very exciting. Always be sure to check our Facebook page out for the latest information!

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