Exhibition at Maison du Japon Paris

Kanazawa, arranged on the bank of the Sea of Japan, was before the capital of the Kaga fief. This fief, the most terrific in Japan, was led from the mid-sixteenth century by the effective Maeda tribe who supported a prospering of the crafts. The Maeda masters favoured the advancement of the tea service and Noh Theatre, vital for discretionary relations between warriors, and respected the most terrific craftmasters from Edo (now Tokyo) and Kyoto.

Throughout a long time of peace in Japan, the Kanazawa Samurai adequately created their own particular society, dissimilar from that of Edo, seat of the shogun government. In spite of the fact that warriors’armour, swords and head protectors are obviously indicated at this show, there are additionally countless displays connected with the tea function (earthenware production, calligraphy… ) and in addition with Noh Theatre, its awe inspiring covers and kimonos. A colossal choice of rich handcrafts (colored fabrics, maki-e laquer, goldsmith work, ceramics) are additionally on show.

He was the first of four­teen rulers who suc­ceed­ed to the lead­er­ship of the incredible fief of Kaga. The ci­ty of Kanazawa de­vel­oped at the base of the mansion in which he resid­ed and its pop­u­la­tion in­clud­ed an extraordinary numerous vas­sals and additionally mer­chants and crafts­peo­ple.