Ikebana Art Part II: Patterns Became Freer as Time Marched On

Numerous different ikebana schools exist, and the discipline has encouraged collectors to pick up interesting yakimono vessels to pursue it. Moribana refers to what some people call heaped-up flowers. Artists who trained in the moribana school put a good deal of emphasis on naturalistic landscape designs.

Most moribana designs are placed in small vases that […]

Exploring Oribe Yakimono Ware Part III: Collectors and Kuro Oribe

Oribe yaki is still extremely popular today, and most people consider it to be a classic type of Japanese art. People don’t really find much other art in other countries that has been influenced by the Oribe movement. That makes it rather unique in the world.

Collectors consider formulaic brown on green glazing patterns to […]

Exploring Oribe Yakimono Ware Part II: Historical Modernism

While the phrase historical modernism might sound pretty ridiculous, it actually makes a lot of sense when one considers Oribe Yaki. Furuta Shigenari was quite an innovator when he created the first yakimono pieces in his own unique style. Many of these pieces look quite modern by today’s standards.

Oribe himself was never actually a […]

Ikebana Art Part I: The Beauty of Simple Floral Patterns

Ikebana art consists of truly beautiful formalized Japanese flower arranging, and many of these arrangements find themselves in equally lovely yakimono ceramics. While the term initially applied only to formalized flower arranging, ikebana art later encompassed all the different types of Japanese floral art. Several major schools are around in the modern era, but […]

Tamba Yaki Pieces are some of the Oldest and Fines Works of Ceramic Art in Japan

The term Tamba Yaki refers to ceramics made in the village of Tachikui, Hyogo. This area has been involved in the ceramics trade for over eight centuries. There are few places in Japan that have such a consistent art tradition. Tamba Yaki is one of the six ancient Japanese pottery styles, and is certainly […]

Seikado Collection Shows Off Classic Yohen and Yuteki Ceramics

Those who take a personal interest in yakimono pieces used for tea ceremonies should head on down to the Seikado Bunko Art Museum before March 24, 2013. The Yohen and Yuteki Sado Tea Ceremony Masterpieces collection is one of the most important exhibitions of tea ceremony vessels visible to members of the general public […]

Akiko Hirai Ceramics

Akiko Hirai Ceramics

Akiko Ceramics

“Things that are totally immaculate and things that are altogether softened give off an impression of being up two inverse conditions, yet two conditions are the same thought as a type of finish. There is no development in the aforementioned two conditions.

The waxing and the disappearing moon hold a desire […]

Japanese Art France

Japanese Art France

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations and friendship between France and Japan, home Camard & Associates organizes a sale of Japanese contemporary ceramics.

The avant-garde tradition today is tomorrow. The maxim seems sententious and yet it fits like a glove to contemporary Japanese ceramics. The country of the Rising […]

Kobori Enshū and Matsudaira Fumai:,The Aesthetics of Daimyō Tea Masters

Kobori Enshu et Matsudaira Fumai: The Aesthetics of Tea Masters Daimyo

December 2013

Kobori Enshū (1579–1647) and Matsudaira Fumai (1751–1818) were both Edo period daimyō tribe masters who were moreover eminent tea aces. Enshū served as tea counselor to the third Tokugawa shogun Iemitsu. He was mindful not just for the designation of […]

Le monde merveilleux de Rinpa

Le monde merveilleux de Rinpa

At this time, in New York City, there are two superb shows happening which keep tabs on the universe of Rinpa symbolization. Rinpa is something of a mysterious aesthetic development. Rinpa wasn’t a universal “school” of craft (with experts educating understudies) yet one in which there was a straight line […]