MIZEN Fine Art International


Gesine ARPS • Nico DE SANCTIS • Junko YAMAMOTO • Shinya TANOUE • Yoshikazu TANAKA

17 April – 1 May 2019

“ The child is innocence and oblivion, 
a renewal and a game,
a wheel that unfolds on its own,
a first movement, a holy affirmation “

– Friedrich Nietzsche

In their innocence, children remind us that life is a constant rediscovery. That an end is never something definitive but the opportunity for a new evolution.
Greek philosophers already knew the term Pantha rei, which means “everything flows“, while Lavoisier taught that “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed“.

In this way we see the Middle Ages relived through the wonderful works of Gesine ARPS, full of poetry and positive messages, thanks to precise iconographic references and the use of the traditional technique of gold and silver leaves. 

In the series of works by the artist Nico DE SANCTIS entitled OVO (egg), mythology is evoked through the stylized characters on the surface of the ostrich eggs. In addition, eggs have always been used in the art world both for practical purposes, as a raw material used for the preparation of pigments, but also as a representation of a sum of symbols such as the origin of life, fertility and growth. 

Shinya TANOUE is also inspired by nature: the shell, which is traditionally known as a symbol of resurrection, symbolises for the artist the cycle of existence, while the turquoise blue evokes the ocean, the origin of life on earth. Going deeper, the shell encloses within itself the double value of a solid refuge in which to shelter and of a limite from which it becomes necessary to free oneself in order to proceed along one’s path of growth, in a dynamic where the concepts of beginning and end seem to merge again into each other.

Junko YAMAMOTO through her works tries to “thank for the blessings of nature and for what she gives us. I can feel it and want to express it in clay“. This is how her magnificent ceramics are created, bringing to the surface the shape of the spiral, a recurring symbol throughout the universe and representing the infinite movement of life.

The theme of the environment returns again in the works of Yoshikazu TANAKA, created through the recovery of existing objects such as bottles, boxes, neon tubes and various waste. Materials that have finished their first cycle of life and that, thanks to art, can know a new beginning.

Thanks to this exhibitions, which brings together different artists and works in a renewed harmony, art becomes a life teacher as well as a potential tool for reflection and wonder. And we must be thankful for the things that (still) manage to surprise us, because to be surprised is a little bit like experimenting a new rebirth.

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MIZEN Japanese Art Gallery

Exhibition AREThé

13 – 17 November 2018

The AREThé Festival is now back in Paris after touring around in four countries in Europe, from Paris to Milan, Oxford and Geneva on the theme of contemporary Japanese art through the traditional tea ritual, Chado (The Way of Tea). An exhibition dedicated to the Art of Tea at the MIZEN Japanese Art Gallery in Paris!

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