27 janvier – 26 février 2017

Exhibition Gesine ARPS

Nouvelle Collection

To start the year 2017 with joy and brightness, MIZEN Fine Art International is pleased to invite you for the first exhibition of the year.

Gesine ARPS is a German artist who works and lives in Italy, the country where she completed her artistic formation and for which she had always felt a strong attraction.
Inspired by the great masters of the Italian Renaissance , Gesine ARPS’s artworks are characterized by the use of the Fondo Oro technique, and the stories inspired by various philosophies in the world. Within Gesine ARPS’s artworks, we also find bright and warm elements reminding of Italy. Colours applied on gold or silver leaves are shiny and changing as they reflect the light. They represent an inner world, without space nor border, full of symbols and different cultures.

Opening Reception with the Artist : Thursay 26th January, 18h-20h30

MIZEN Fine Art International

57 quai des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris
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