Shofu YOSHIMOTO started to study calligraphy during her earlier childhood and worked as a calligraphy artist in 1992. In 2005 she joined the master Fukiko Taketomi’s studio “Ichiji no Sho” and in November 2007, she had a solo exhibition “Vent du Shofu” at Fukuoka, Japan. The next year she had another one solo exhibition “Le monde du Shofu” at the Institut Franco-Japonais of Kyushu for the 150th anniversary of France-Japan friendship and in December she won a special award at the exhibition organized by the Nichi Nippon newspaper.

In 2009 her work was selected in “10th Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition” and she exhibited in Tokyo at the Metropolitan Art Museum. Moreover, she started to exhibit abroad and in June she presented her work in Tennessee during 39th American Art Award” and she also exhibited in Paris at the “24th International Paris Salon Exhibition”.

During 2010 she took part in the following editions of the Tokyo and Paris’ exhibitions, then she joined Shiyo Mori’s studio and she exhibited in Vannes, France.

In 2011 she exhibited again in Tokyo and she donated her work “Ai(love)” to the present French Ambassador; in October. Her work was selected in “Salon d’Automne Exhibition” and, as a representative Japanese artist, her work Shizuku(Dew)-Goutte” was exhibited in Paris and, in December, she also won the excellence award in “Nishi Nippon Calligraphy Art Exhibition”.

In 2012 she exhibited in Tokyo at Metropolitan Art Museum during “12th Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition”. Moreover, she presented “Shizuku(Dew)-Goutte 2” in Salon d’Automne Exhibition” in Paris and in December she won again the excellence award in Nishi Nippon Calligraphy Art Exhibition”.

In January 2013 she participated to Japan Artist Club exhibition” in Tokyo, in May she had a solo exhibition at Weeks Gallery in Fukuoka, in June she had a duo exhibition with the ceramic artist Hekizan Onimaru in Hakata and her works are in Paris, at MIZEN Japanese Art Gallery.

Finally in 2014, Shofu YOSHIMOTO is pleased to exhibit at the National Art Center in Tokyo and in 2016 has a son exhibition at MIZEN Japanese Art Gallery.