Beautiful Image of Japan

Beautiful image of snow in Japan :

Japanese women wearing Kimono under the snow

Le monde merveilleux de Rinpa

Le monde merveilleux de Rinpa

At this time, in New York City, there are two superb shows happening which keep tabs on the universe of Rinpa symbolization. Rinpa is something of a mysterious aesthetic development. Rinpa wasn’t a universal “school” of craft (with experts educating understudies) yet one in which there was a straight line […]

Y. Sugiura, Yuko Exposition

Yuko Exhibition

When the elevator door opened, “Tour butterbur” big hand.

Calyx of the flower that was waving in the heat of the oven, a large number of buds are formed in the petals one by one, as the Protea.

I approached the force of life that are overwhelming!

The floral flowers and trees of the […]

Shibata Zeishin Exposition Nezu Musee Tokyo

Lacquers master Shibata Zeshin

With a career transition of Japan before decaying feudal system to the modern nation Zeshin Shibata (1807-1891) was an exceptional artist, reaching the peak of paint and lacquer. Nezu Museum exhibition “Shibata Zeshin: From Arts lacquer painting” presents 139 objects from arguably the most talented artists of the 19th […]

Exposition Reves du Japon – Hiroshige Van Gogh

Hiroshige VAN GOGH

03 October 2012 to 17 March 2013

Japan Dreams

two exhibitions simultaneously on two sites in the Pinakothek, allow visitors to compare the work of Van Gogh to that of Hiroshige .

Everything has been said about the psychological fragility of Van Gogh on his […]